Daily Photos - dinglepeninsula

18/09/2011 'A Saturday afternoon in a Dingle Pub' Interesting details in this photo... the barman is wearing a NYPD jumper as far as I know he has never been to New York. The magazine on the left side of the picture has the singer 'Beyonce' on its cover. Interesting observation about the married couple - she is having a cup of tea while her husband is having a pint of Guinness. On the far right of the picture (not shown) is a old man having a glass of Paddy whiskey . There is a signed picture of the actor 'Robert Mitchum' who starred in the film Ryan's Daughter' which was of course was made in the Dingle Peninsula. You might notice the bright red box of Tea Bags 'Barrys Tea' probably the best tea made in Ireland . The owner of the pub James Curran is a fanatic of horse racing as conveyed with the pictures of horses etc. Lastly the hats on the far right of the picture are for sale in the pub, they are especially popular with American tourists